Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in New Delhi
Root canal treatment

Do you feel severe pain while chewing? Or notice pimples on gums? Or have a cracked tooth? These are just a few symptoms that you need root canal treatment ASAP. Experienced endodontists do root canal treatment, and this process is also known as endodontic treatment.

What is root canal treatment on RCT?

To elaborate, the word endodontic- endo is a Greek word meaning "inside" and "odont" meaning tooth. So endodontic treatment is about treating the problem inside your tooth. Inside your tooth, the innermost layer after white enamel and hard layer "dentin," lies a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp helps deliver the nutrients to nerves and teeth that identify the hot, cold, and pressure variants. Removing infected nerve is the significant root canal treatment process when the tooth is decayed or pulp infection increases.

Root canal treatment process

Rct is performed in two settings, depending upon your tooth conditions. Here we are explaining how our endodontists at matrix dental clinic perform painless Root Canal Treatment in Delhi.

Dental x rays

The RCT begins with examining and doing an X-ray of your mouth to find out the infected area.


After that, they will give anesthesia near the infected tooth to make a rear opening near it.

Placing a dental dam

It is a rubber substance that keeps the area dry near the infected tooth that helps in treatment.

Opening and removing pulp

The infected pulp is removed from the tooth's rear space, followed by deep cleaning of the root canal to prevent further infection.

Medicating the opening

If you have any toot infection, then the gap is filled up by temporary filing until the next visit. It takes a healing process to prepare your tooth for RCT.

Sealing the open roots

After cleaning and medicating, your endodontist fills the space by removing temporary fillings and inserting permanent filling to restore tooth structure. After healing, your dentist fills up the roots that were opened to remove the pulp.

Restoring the tooth

In last, artificial tooth "crown" is positioned around the tooth to give your mouth a natural look and proper structure.

Signs of needing root canal treatment

We get many signs before the problem turns to severe, but most of the time, we ignore it. Here are few symptoms that you should keep a check and get root canal treatment immediately-

  • Pain while eating, chewing, and biting
  • Boil on gums
  • Cracked tooth
  • Discomfort feeling while eating hot or cold, sensitivity issue
  • Swollen or bleeding gums

Cost of root canal treatment

Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge provides root canal treatment with caps at an affordable price because we understand a healthy mouth's value for a healthy body. Root canal treatment cost varies from south Delhi to Vasant Vihar and Vasant Kunj. Get your rotary Root Canal Treatment in Delhi, India, at just 6,600/-unit only at Matrix Dental Clinic.

Root canal treatment aftercare

At the treatment time, the patient doesn't feel pain as the affected area is induced by anesthesia. However, discomfort stays post-treatment, and sometimes pain lasts longer when you had infected teeth pre-treatment. You can also feel sensitive teeth as eating and chewing could become a task for a while.
In this case, painkillers are prescribed according to the patient's dental condition. The RCT does not require and special aftercare other than maintaining clean and hygienic oral health.

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