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Pricing Table

S. No Treatment Type Cost INR per unit Remarks
1 All on four dental implants nobel biocare full mouth Rs.5,00,000/- (With immediate teeth and Final prosthesis after 3 months)
2 Best brand (Sweden) Nobel Biocare with straight abutment Rs.35,000/- per Implant  
3 Best brand (Sweden) Nobel Active ( Recent technology) Rs.55,000/- per Implant  
4 Best brand (Sweden) Nobel Groovy ( Recent technology) Rs.45,000/- per Implant  
5 Other implant systems Rs.25,000/- per Implant  
6 Porcelain based Metal Ceramic CAD-CAM crown Rs.5,500/- per Unit 15yrs warranty
7 Porcelain based Metal Ceramic Manual crown Rs.5,000/- per Unit  
8 Metal Free Crown – Zirconia Rs.15,000/- per Unit  
9 Metal free Crown ; Veneer Metal free : E max Rs.10,000/- per Unit  
10 Metal free Crown ; Veneer Metal free : E max Rs.12,000/- per Unit 5 yrs warranty
11 Metal Free Crown – Zirconia Rs.15,500/- per Unit 10yrs warranty
12 Metal Free Crown – Zirconia Rs.18,500/- per Unit 15 yrs warranty
13 Emax & Zicronia Rs.12,500/- per Unit 5 yrs warranty
14 Bleaching ( Teeth whitening ) Starts from Rs.8,000/- per Unit  
15 Cosmetic Filling Starts from Rs.1,200/- per Unit 2 yrs warranty
16 Root Canal Treatment (rotary) Rs.6,600/- per Unit  
17 Scaling & Polishing (Teeth cleaning) Rs.1500/- per arch  
18 Deep Scaling and Gingival Curettage Rs.2,500/- per quadrant  
19 Gingival Surgery ( Gum Surgery ) Rs.10,000/- per quadrant  
20 Tooth Extraction Rs.1,500/- per tooth  
21 Wisdom tooth extraction Rs.3,500/- onwards  
22 Metal braces Rs.45,000/-  
23 Ceramic braces ( Tooth Coloured Braces) Rs.55,000/-  
24 Invisible Braces & Lingual with recent technique and comfort. Rs.1,00,000/-  
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