Thread Lifts & Tightening

Thread Lift and Tightening Treatment In South Delhi
Thread Lifts & Tightening

With the fast evolution of science and technology over the past few years, a surgical facelift is not the only option left for lifting and contouring a face. Apart from the BOTOX, Dysport, and Dermal fillers to plump up the skin, skin tightening lasers and radio frequency treatments are also great ways to fight the effects of the collagen degeneration and ageing.

Often known as Silhouette lift, suture lift and contour lift worldwide, Thread lift is gaining popularity among the mass. This process involves the use of threads made from the same materials used in surgery to close wounds. The suture is placed under the skin to tighten that particular loose or sagging area of the skin. They provide a supportive structure to the sagging skin just like suspension cables and defies the effects of the ageing.

Thread lift is a convenient facial rejuvenation procedure, that requires no hospitalisation or general anaesthesia. The recovery period is very short and the results continue to improve up to next 2 months. This procedure can give an overall facial rejuvenation from the brows to the neck area.

Thread lift is an ideal option for those seeking a natural look without all the worries of a full surgical procedure, however, it is not a complete replacement for a full-face lift due to its limitations.

What can thread lifting do?

Areas which can be treated include:

  • Brows - brow line lifting
  • Cheeks - cheek fat repositioning and contouring
  • Nasal flare - correct for widely flared nostrils and improve nasal shape
  • Nasolabial folds - lift and tighten cheek contours to reduce nasolabial folds
  • Lips - cimprove lip shape and contours
  • Jowls - lift lower jaw area to improve and tighten jowl shape and contour
  • Neckline - reduce turkey neck effect and return youthful contours to neckline
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