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Our responsibilities

We are committed to provide the best dental services in the whole Delhi NCR. We strive to stay updated in an ever-changing world of health care, emerging dental technologies, practices and procedures while keeping our services seriously reasonable.

Leading health and well-being for Senior Citizens

A part of our mission is to serve the senior citizens of our society because healthier senior citizens are a sign of happy society.

Supporting delivery

We are dedicated to provide emergency services throughout the South Delhi. Make an appointment today to meet one of our top dentists for active emergency services.

Accounting to the public

Our partnership with best dental labs allows us to deliver you incredible services and that too with an assurance of quality. Our resources are accountable and we collect valuable information from them on all the services they provide.

Welcome to Matrix Dental

Once you are at Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge, you do not have to go anywhere else related to your dental problems. We strive to provide you experience that is second to none with our multi-speciality and multi-practice services. With our team cantered approach, we manage all your dental issues more efficiently and conveniently. Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge boasts of state of the art facilities to provide you a unique dental experience with brilliant customer service and exemplary care. Availability and familiarity with the new technology make us stand out of the crowd of other clinics. Plus, the staff is well trained to guide you throughout the complex dental procedures with minimal pain and discomfort.


  • Periodontal conditions (gum treatment)
  • Laminations to prevent cavity in kids
  • Full Mouth reconstruction through Fixed Crown Bridges
  • Dentures for Old Patients without teeth
  • (We offer latest types of Dentures made by specialist for more stability and comfort)

Our services

  • Dental Implants for missing tooth
  • Orthodontic Treatment
  • Cavity filling
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Extractions and Surgical Impactions
  • Periodontal Treatment for Gums


  • SFA Assessment
  • Rejuvenation and Enhancement
  • Vampire Face Lift
  • Hair Regrowth Transplant
  • Acne Control & Pimple Treatment
  • Pigmentation Management
  • Full Body Hair Reduction
  • Thread Lifts & Tightening
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