Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Vasant Kunj
Dental Implants

The implants act as a stable base for the artificial placement of the permanent or removable tooth. They actually work like an artificial root that is made to match your natural teeth. We use Titanium or Titanium alloys so that the implants fuse well with the jawbone. The dental implants work as efficiently as your lost tooth.

Types of Dental implants

Matrix Dental & Skin Lounge basically gives you two types of implants options. In certain cases, conventional or immediate implants may be followed by immediate loading of crowns and bridges known as immediate loaded implants.

1. Conventional Implants

Conventional implants are a permanent restoration solution that is applicable to almost anyone who is looking to replace one, multiple, or all missing teeth. These implants are normally done in 2 trips which are about 3 to 6 months apart. Conventional implants are usually done for most types of bone conditions, however if the patient is suffering major jaw bone loss, bone grafting is highly suggested prior to implantation.

2. Immediate Implants

Immediate implant is the process of implanting teeth on the same day the teeth are extracted. Dentists recommend immediate implant only when the jaw bone conditions are good and the gum and surrounding area must be infection free. If the implant is sufficiently secure in the bone we can put a temporary crown on top and replace it with the permanent one once the implant has healed sufficiently.

3. Immediate Loaded Implants

In normal scenario, we wait for approximately 3 months after the implant is inserted into the bone so that the implant gets unified with the bone perfectly. Then after that, we can put a crown on top of that implant and the process is known as implant loading. This is also called as 2 stage implant surgery; in which a surgery is done to drill implant in bone in the first stage and we load that implant with a crown after a gap of around 3 months in the second stage.

However, in immediate loading implant process, we can load the implant immediately after placement on day 1. Specially designed implants are used in such cases and they differ from conventionally used implants which are usually done in 2 stages. The design of the implants used in immediate loading implant is such that it actively engages bone and allows a dentist to place the crown on day 1 itself.

Benefits of Dental implants

  • BETTER S.E.L.F. (Where S=Speak Better, E=Eat Better, L=Look Better, F=Feel Better)
  • Improved and younger, natural appearance
  • Improved quality of life and self-esteem
  • Improved comfort relative to removable dentures
  • Prevent further loss of teeth and bone support
  • No need to trim the adjacent teeth to form the conventional bridge
  • Improves speech as compared to having dentures
  • Implants are very durable, which means improved oral health durability.

Single Tooth Missing

The single tooth implant restoration consists of the implant post, the abutment and the prosthetic crown itself. The abutment supports the crown and the crown is either cemented onto the abutment or held in place with a screw. Single tooth implant with a crown does not require cutting your adjacent healthy teeth for bridging and it is undoubtedly the best restoration treatment.

Multiple Teeth Missing

Dental implants are stronger than the natural tooth roots; hence several missing teeth can sometimes be replaced with fewer implants if multiple teeth are missing within the same region. However, if several tooth are missing in different parts of the mouth, several single tooth implants are a good option. Matrix Dental & Skin Lounge is a leading dental clinic providing the high standard of quality Full Mouth Implant Treatment in South Delhi at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Cost of Dental Implant in New Delhi

Cost of Dental Implant in New Delhi may vary according on the work required in Implant procedure as well as depends on the place where you are getting this procedure done. Our team of Implantology's involves Dr Sourabh Nagpal and Dr Praful Bali with a vast experience in the field of Dental Implants. They are specialized in performing this through best technology and tools. This can be done cost-effectively in Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge and will cost you around Rs.25000/- per implant. Call to know more about cost of dental implant in south Delhi or for an appointment at the Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge for the need of Dental Implants by highly experienced dental professionals.

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