SFA Assessment

SFA Assessment for Skin Treatment in South Delhi
SFA Assessment

SFATM is a technique by which face is assessed and evaluated for proportion and to determine whether the perfect dimensions and proportions are maintained.For example, for the perfect lips, the ratio of the upper to lower lip should be 1:1:618 with the lower lip being slightly larger than the upper lip.

SFATM is our patented Assessment Tool which ensures good aesthetic results.We have a scientific approach towards assessment and advising procedures. At Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge, we do (SFA) of clients based on which we decide which area of the face requires intervention and improvement.

It's surprising, how a minor change can make a person look better and get the near perfect face.Many scientists and doctors have done research to understand what creates a perfect face. Based on all this research we designed SFA. The facial features can be tweaked non-surgically - create jaw line, accentuate & contour lips, eyebrows shaping, cheek creation, narrowing of the lower face bulk, chin reshaping & elongation, creating high cheek bones, nose reshaping and reducing fine lines & wrinkles.Men and women of all age groups can get the assessment done..

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