Orthodontics Treatment in Vasant Kunj

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which is attentive towards the treatment of twisted teeth and irregular bites whose result gives you aligned and proper teeth with a great smile as well. At matrix dental clinic, Dr Sourabh Nagpal is the Orthodontist who provides the best Orthodontics Treatment in South Delhi , using braces and clear aligners and fixing the patient's teeth straight at right place in the minimum duration of time.

What does the treatment involve?

Orthodontic treatment makes use of mainly two types of appliances, fixed and removable, which includes placement of orthodontics braces or clear aligners that helps in aligning of bites and correcting spacing between the teeth. The condition of individual patient will determine which orthodontic approach is likely to be the most effective.

At Matrix Dental & Skin Lounge, you will get an Affordable Orthodontics Treatment in Vasant Kunj . A deep examination of the patient's condition is done and then the whole procedure is explained to the patient so as to mentally prepare each client for the orthodontic treatment, along with the estimated length of the treatment and the cost of the treatment. Frequent visits have to be made in order to get most of the orthodontic treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

Any orthodontic treatment involves a little discomfort however with the new advancements in technology in orthodontics, the amount of pain felt has dropped to quite a bit and most of the clients have gone the orthodontics treatment with pure satisfaction. Furthermore, a low strength pain killer is advised to avoid any discomfort. With Matrix Dental Clinic, you could totally rely on us for the proper and painless treatment since we have experienced orthodontist who provide a satisfied treatment with minimum pain.


  • Treatment provide healthier teeth and more satisfactory appearance.
  • Treatment time is much less as compared to other equivalent techniques.
  • This treatment could be done at any age.
  • Cost effective and less pain..
  • Improves the overall biting position and chewing function


  • The technique is not always applicable, particularly where there are significant numbers of teeth absent.
  • Some wires may be visible even after the treatment.
  • The procedure can last over a long period of time in some severe cases.
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