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Cavity Filling in South Delhi
Cavity Filling

Tooth fillings are one of the most widely recognized methods that help in assisting the wear and tear of teeth and tooth decay over the years. A filling is an approach to treating damaged teeth and restoring their function, shape, and strength. To get the best cavity filling in Delhi, consult our dentists. They will provide a complete briefing on the intensity of your dental cavities and will give a proper cavity-filling treatment.

Cavity Filling Procedure

  • ANESTHESIA: The filling procedure begins by giving the anesthesia to ensure the area around the tooth is numb.
  • ELIMINATION: Once the area is numb, the dentist starts removing the damaged and decayed part using dental tools.
  • FILLING: Our dentists will remove the damaged part of the teeth and fill the space.
  • POLISH: Once the filling is completed, the tooth is polished and your tooth becomes cavity-free.

Different Types Of Fillings

Various types of filling materials are available. Depending upon the patient's condition of the tooth, we recommend the most suitable filling. Approach us to get an idea about your cavity filling near Malviya Nagar New Delhi.

  • GOLD FILLING: Gold fillings are made especially in the laboratory by order and afterward solidified into cavity space. Gold inlays are much endured by gum tissues, and may last over 20 years. Consequently, numerous dentists consider gold filling the most convenient one. In any case, it is the most costly decision and requires regular dental visits and checkups.
  • AMALGAM (SILVER) FILLINGS: Amalgam fillings are inexpensive as compared to the other fillings and more defiant towards abrasion. However, these fillings are more noticeable due to their dull shade, which most people are not comfortable with. Moreover, Amalgam fillings are stronger and last longer in comparison to composite fillings.
  • COMPOSITE FILLINGS: Composite fillings are coordinated to be of the same shading as your teeth and consequently utilised where a characteristic appearance is wanted. The fixings are blended and set specifically into the hole, where they solidify. Composites may not be the perfect material for substantial fillings as they may chip or wear after some time. They can likewise get stained from tea, coffee, or tobacco, and are not long-lasting as compared to other fillings which last up to 10 years. They are even expensive with a cost of up to twice the amalgams.
  • PORCELAIN FILLINGS: Porcelain fillings are called onlays or inlays and are delivered to arrange in a lab and afterward clung to the tooth. They can be coordinated to the shade of the tooth and oppose discolouring. A porcelain filling is able to cover most of the decayed tooth and costs nearly around that of a gold filling. For more in-depth information, meet us for cavity filling in Vasant Vihar.

How To Know If You Are In A Need Of Filling

Fillings are generally needed when there is a severe tooth decay and it has its effect deep on the roots of the tooth. Your dentist will analyse the suspected teeth utilising a dental test. In addition, he will take an X-ray to decide the degree and definite area of the cavity. Anything that looks exceptional will then be firmly checked with extraordinary instruments. The kind of treatment your dentist picks will rely on the degree of harm brought about by the decay and proceed with the suitable filling.

Although a few fillings can keep going for a long time, after the cavity filling one must make sure to make regular dental visits along with keeping up with the dental care to make your fillings last longer. Being the Best Dental Clinic for Cavity Filling in Vasant Kunj, we make sure to provide our patients with the optimum cavity fillings.

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