How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

How does sugar affect your teeth?
“Don’t eat too many sweets and candies; otherwise you will have tooth decay”- a very common verdict every mother would have surely told her child.

If we keenly look into the effect of sugar in damaging our teeth, we would certainly be aware of the problems it causes and the precautions we should take.

Read the causes and precautions that you must take to prevent your tooth from getting damaged by sugar.
To maintain good oral hygiene, we need to focus on the amount of sugar we consume as acids that catalyze tooth decay, mainly by the sugar-consuming bacteria.

Let’s understand this via basic chemistry- If the required acidity in our mouth is increased from its optimum level, it will surely erode the shiny enamel. This proceeds to form cavities and can ultimately reach tooth loss and sometimes unbearable pain.

The addition of sugar enhances our mouth’s slightly acidic nature to even more acidic, causing these acids to attack the tooth’s layers, leading to their deterioration.

Considering different types of sugars, we have the most common being sticky sugar crystals that affect the gums and teeth as they leave a sticky residue on to it, which is not worn off by saliva.

Causes and dental visits

Dental Clinics in Delhi recommend brushing teeth or gargling with mouthwash after sugar consumption in crystals, corn syrup, maple syrup, and even other types of sugar.

In case one does not brush their teeth after consuming sugary beverages, then the bacteria can lead to swelling and further bleeding of the gums. If the formation of tartar (firm coating of bacteria) occurs, this could lead to severe gum diseases and an increased no. of cavities.

Matrix dental clinic is one of the leading dental clinic in Delhi to get your dental treatment done at an affordable cost. Ultimately one must keep in check the amount of sugar intake in daily life, consult the dentists available in Delhi, occasionally to lead a sweeter life with a minimum number of dental problems.

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