Dental Crowns and Bridges Treatment in Delhi: Restoring Teeth and Bites

Are your teeth aligned properly? Do you have missing teeth? If you are struggling with the same concern, then it is the right time to think about crown and bridge treatment. It is a fundamental treatment available in every dental clinic with a prime objective of restoring a tooth and getting painless chewing.

In crowing, dental restoration covers the entire anatomical crown of a tooth whereas multiple crowns connected are used in a bridge to replace a missing tooth. Before going into the process, extract information about the cost of crowns in Delhi. It will help to get an idea of the treatment cost.

What are dental crowns?

A dental crown is used to restore a broken, decayed, or worn-down tooth using a tooth-shaped cap. It also covers dental implants and root canal teeth. If you take proper care of your teeth, your crown will last from 5 to 15 years as a variety of materials are used such as metal, porcelain, and resin.

In order to ensure the proper fit of the crown on your teeth, dentists will remove a small amount of enamel before placing the crown in the required place. You need a dental crown if your tooth is weak and cover a dental implant. So, connect with the top dentist in Delhi for an effective dental crowning.

Types of dental crowns

Depending on the personal preferences and oral health requirements, there are different types of dental crowns:

Metal crowns

There are several metals used in making dental crowns including nickel, palladium, gold, and chromium. Without removing the excessive enamel, metal crowns are a good choice for a longer time as they hardly break.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns

PFM crowns offer the durability of metal and the natural look of porcelain. They provide good strength but have some drawbacks such as coating may chip off over time.

All-resin crowns

All-resin crowns are made of resin and are generally less expensive than other types of crowns. As compared to PFM crowns, they are fragile.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or row of missing teeth. You can ask your dentist to create custom bridges that match the shade of your teeth. While getting information on dental bridges, you can divide them into two parts: abutments and pontics. Abutments support your dental bridge and pontics act as artificial teeth to fill the gap created by the missing teeth.

Signs Showing the Requirement of Crown and Bridge Treatment

By knowing the signs, you can take your crown and bridge treatment at the right time.

Signs for a dental crown:

  • Your tooth gets cracked without any symptoms.
  • Experience sensitivity.
  • You have a deep tooth decay.
  • If you require root canal treatment, you should go for a dental crown.
  • Large silver filling

Signs for dental bridge:

  • When one or more teeth are missing
  • You have removable partial dentures and require a permanent solution.

Procedure of the Crown & Bridge Process

To understand the crown and bridge treatment more clearly, you should go at least twice to your dentist:

On the first visit, local anaesthesia will apply and remove the existing decayed tooth. The dentist will take your intraoral 3D scan and send it to a dental laboratory. Once your temporary crown is created, the dentist will place your tooth.

When you visit your dentist again, your temporary crown will be removed, and the tooth cleaned. Using a close-up X-ray, your dentist will fit the final crown with proper adjustment. To fix the crown, permanent cement is attached to it.

Are you facing issues with your teeth, or do you have a broken tooth? If so, visit the best dentist in Delhi and get your treatment done without any delay. Make sure to discuss your issue with your dentist before proceeding with the treatment.

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