Common Problems Dental Of Gums

People have been chewing gum from ancient times in various forms. Earlier, people used to make original gums from the sap of trees like spruce or Manilkara chicle. However, nowadays, chewing gums are caused by synthetic edible rubbers. The ingredients are safe. However, few brands use controversial ingredients in low amounts.
There are various myths on chewing gum that we have been listening to for years. While it is true that it takes too long to digest, chewing gums cannot rot your teeth.
Let us look at the top three myths about chewing which are not accurate at all-

1. Chewing gum doesn’t digest

The myth says that the swallowed gums stay in your stomach for at least seven years. However, the research and experts deny it. The gum cannot be digested, but it doesn’t stay in your stomach. It moves intact through your digestive system and excretes from the urinary tract.

2. Chewing gum causes cavities!

When it comes to cavities by chewing gum, it depends upon the type of gums your chewing. While sweetened gum may cause you a hole in the tooth, it is clinically demonstrated that It works opposite sugar-free gums. It is also stated that chewing sugar-free gums can help to rinse off and neutralize the acids released by the meal and plaque bacteria. It also stimulates saliva flow, which negates the acids which washes away struck food particles from tooth corners.

3. Chewing gum can replace tooth brushing

Hopefully, you don’t believe in this myth! A proper oral care routine should not be replaced even though chewing gum produces saliva that helps post meals. Th key to a healthy mouth is nothing but brushing twice a day and flossing well every time.

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